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We are Stallion.AI, a well-established and quickly growing AI company with headquarters in Canada, EU and UAE. We are rapidly growing our Dubai office and require a Senior Machine Learning (ML) Engineer to be part of our AI team in Dubai.

You will be part of a growing team of veteran developers in machine learning and AI. You will perform a very technical role that also involves significant client interactions (from technical perspective), machine learning models development and solution architecting of AI services. Our clients include private enterprise, government and financial institutions. As a Senior ML Engineer, you will nurture our product pipeline and strategic technology vision.

This is an intense role in a very fast paced and highly dynamic environment. You will need to think on your feet and rapidly make critical decisions affecting multiple stakeholders both internal and external. Often clients require solution architecture advice prior to technical details, and this is at the core of our approach to the market. This will prove a very exciting and rewarding role for the right candidate.

The role has the following KEY skills requirements (see detailed expansion below). In order to be eligible for consideration, you MUST possess all the key skills requirements:

  1. Strong experience in AI/ML
  2. Strong experience in Cloud
  3. Strong experience in solution architecture
  4. Basic knowledge of hardware

In addition, a KEY requirement is presence in Dubai or ability to relocate to Dubai within two weeks of accepting an employment offer.

Detailed expansion on required skills:

  1. AI/ML:

Tensor flow, Keras, Pandas, Jupyter, scikit-learn, numpy, SHAP, Spime, NLTK/NLP/NLU, word embedding, regression and classification, set imbalance, dataset collection, data normalization, DNN/CNN/ANN/LSTM and other neural network architectures, semantic segmentation, and of course, Python!

  1. Cloud:

VM, GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean, Nginx, SQL, RDBMS, PHP, DNS records, SSH, oAuth, RBAC, VPN, MongoDB/NoSQL/Solr/…, Rest API, Ubuntu/Linux, Flask, LEMP

3.Solution Architecture:

Translate business requirements into engineering and functional specs, pricing of solutions, scope specification, client interactions including with C level execs and senior government officials, project planning: time+cost+resources, proposal writing, brainstorming ideas for clients, presentations and public speaking, managing client expectations and internal and external stakeholders.

  1. Basic Hardware:

GPUs (we are an AI company, afterall), Deployment of AI/ML models to production (TF-Lite), systems integration (e.g. how to put 3G on a drone? Use a 3G USB stick).

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